Mold Remediation May Experience National Credentials

mold-remediationThere has been talk every so often about having a national registry and standardized credentials for the mold and remediation industry. This kind of talk comes up every so often, particularly after a major disaster, when there is a need for experienced and trustworthy responders. It came up after Hurricane Katrina and again after other more recent natural disasters.

There is definitely a need in in the industry for emergency responders, not just in model remediation but in the entire restoration service. mold removal greenville sc provides a full range of remediation and restoration services, and their company would fall under such national registration. Just think of the kind of resources that would be made available to the government on a local level if there was a national registry of certified remediation experts ready to respond in the event of an emergency.

Anyone needing mold removal in Greenville, SC would be able to contact that national registry and get the help they need. They would pull from not only the local area but also the surrounding region.

Of course, there are drawbacks to this kind of national registry as well. If everyone has to obtain specific credentials in order to be a part of the registry and to be a help during a crisis, then there are going to be those that don’t join up who are perfectly qualified to offer help. They will resist this standardized credential system, and that’s going to cause trouble for them if they try to help out during a crisis. They would essentially be barred from lending support, even though they are perfectly qualified to help. At the same time, there could be a slower response time in getting help to people in need if the national registry has to be contacted first and help sent out from there. That, in effect, creates a middle man where there was none previously.

It’s a topic that will continue to come up, and nothing may come from it, but it is worth discussing for the future of the industry. At some point, someone may work out a way to make it happen that is agreeable to all parties involved and that benefits the general public. At the end of the day, the reason behind such a registry should be to help out those in need.