BMW Used Cars – What To Look For

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading online material on the subject, you may then already know that it’s more then a little difficult to find good instructional material covering fine points of buying a used BMW. Sure there’s tons of stuff written about warranties and salvage cars but not so much about all the little things that can let you know if you’re looking at a lemon or a great deal. A Preliminary Inspection For BMW Used Cars So lets get started! Ceramic coating Melbourne The first thing that you’re going to want to do, is to gather up a few basic hand tools and a friend to come along with you. Sure you can always take the car to a mechanic to have it looked at but you tools and your friend are what you will need to sort the “wheat from the chaff”. To make a preliminary inspection to let you know if the car is even worth messing with. Always Start With the Inside of a used BMW First Start with the inside of the vehicle .

The reason being is that if you begin on the outside, you’re going end up a little dirty by the time your done and you certainly wouldn’t want someone with dusty trousers and oil smudged hands climbing into your car, so do show some courtesy in this way. Bear in mind that the first thing your going to be looking for is signs of excess wear, neglect and abuse. Check Every Electrical and Mechanical Component Inside the Used BMW Open the door and give it a little shake to see if the previous owner is a door slammer. Hop in and roll all the windows up and down and check the door locks as well. Of course your going to want to check the seats for tears too. Next look down at the pedals and the carpet just under them. Are the worn out? Worn pedals tell of heavy use. Turn the key and check all the warning lights. If anything is amiss eclectically, its source will have to be located. Check the Cars Oil Carefully – Beware If It Is Brand New Next, step out of the vehicle and open the hood. When you check the oil dip stick you’ll want to see “older oil” that hasn’t been recently changed. You see, anyone can drain a cars oil and replace it with new! Ask the seller when he or she changed the oil and if they still have the oil that was drained, so you can inspect it.

Hey! Might as well ask. Optimality what your going to want to see is unchanged oil that isn’t pitch black but amber to dark brown. Check All Fluid Dip Sticks and Reservoirs Under the Hood Next, pop the caps on any other fluid reservoirs. Fluids you see, unless they have been recently changed, can tell stories. If the brake fluid for instance is old and cloudy, its a tell tale indicator of poor maintenance. You can bet that a person who neglects their brake fluid, also is surly neglecting other crucial areas of the cars maintenance. Do you see any loose wires or oil and fluid leaks? Always Check a Used BMW for Worn Wheel Bearings Have your friend turn the cars engine over while you listen under the hood. Do you hear anything unusual? Have him or her gun the motor. Hear anything now? Anything smoking, clicking, whining, knocking or grinding?? Any odd smells? Check around the exhaust manifold for any oil that may be leaking onto it and causing smoke. Now if you have a jack or there is a jack in the trunk, your going to want to jack the car up and give each wheel a jiggle to check for worn bearings. Also check the exhaust system for leaks while the car is up.

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